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24 Piece BBQ Set

Features attractive soft carry case containing stainless steel knives, forks, brush, spatula with built-in serrated blades, skewers, tongs, wire cleaning brush and salt and pepper shakers. Approximate price $75.

7 Bottle Wine Cooler

Thermoelectric cooling system. Convection system. Stainless steel panels on both sides. Eight preset temperature levels. Approximate price $220.




4 Piece Wine Accessory Set

Includes wine opener, wine thermometer, foil cutter and stopper. Approximate price $35.

Wine Enhancer
with Gold Rim

Oxygenates the wine without a decanter. Ontario Wine Review – it really helped aerate the wine noticeably, right from the bottle. Approximate price $20.


Coffee Maker/Tea
Maker Set

This stylish Coffee/Tea Maker set includes two matching cups. Simply add coffee or tea bags, hot water and press. Approximate price $27.

Contemporary Bistro Set

This set includes 4 eight oz. hot and cool glasses, 4 spoon/straws and a serving tray. Approximate price $33.


Tea Gift Pak

Features attractive Birchwood case with magnetic closures and lined with felt. Case contains 72 mixed tea bags. Approximate price $50.

Entertaining Essentials Wine Collection

Stylish wine set for wine enthusiasts features corkscrew with spare worm, wine watch electronic thermometer, champagne opener, wine scent and flavor enhancer, foil cutter/wax remover and bottle stopper. Serving temperature and food pairing guide included. Approximate pricing from $92.50.


Rosewood Wine Box

Elegant gift for wine lovers. Box contains wine opener, stopper, spout, drip stopper and wine thermometer. Approximate pricing from $21.75.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Sockeye salmon in glossy cardboard box. Three different sizes. Vacuum packed in gold foil pouch which can be stored for five years without refrigeration. Can be personalized. Approximate pricing from $10.99. Also available in Cedar wooden boxes, please request pricing.